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Reflexions About Democracy

1- The term “democracy” must always be defined in time and space.
When we say that “we live in a democracy”, what idea of democracy do we refere to? Is the Athenian democracy, where only the free man had political rights, that is in question?
In the ancient Greece was discussed democracy at the same time that the farms and palaces were full of slaves. The term “democracy” in Europe during the French Revolution had a completely different meaning from the meaning given in the ancient Greece. Each society, that was named democratic, had an own concept of democracy.
2- Does it make sense a Oligarchic Estate named itself democratic”?
If economic and midiatic powers are in the hands of few people, so, an oligarchy governs and remains in power foverer.
Literally, democracy means “governanment of the people”. But, you can't rule if you don't know that you govern. A society that was not educated for questioning, researching and reflection, and is manipulated by the midia's elite, can't be a democratic society.
3- A democracy doesn't promote dictatorial governments.

The U.S declared their independence from the british metropolis under ideals of the French Revolution: Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. However, they are one of the most racist nations that the world has already met.

Besides that, they financed and supported military coups that resulted in dictatorial regimes all over Latin America between the decades of 50 and 80 of the XX century.

Just as in Middle East, they supported genocides, invaded nations and sponsored anti-democratic regimes, in name of the oil control, monopoly of weapons supply.

Nobody has contributed more for the consolidation of authoritarian regimes as the north american “democracy”.

4 – The Right of expression is not a synonym of possibility of social transformation. 

Having permission to say what you want is not enough to make a country became a democratic Estate. In Brazil, for example, you can say what you want about public education. It is allowed to organize demonstration, strikes and boycotts in favor of education. But it doesn't necessarilly mean that the people have any influence in the future of the country's education. 

We can't mistake right of expression with democracy. There is right of expression in a democracy, however democracy doesn't consist on this.

5 - Right to vote associated with private sponsor of campaign and low educational level supports the remaining of oligarchy in power.

Democracy doesn't consists in right to vote. Choosing the ways of the nation goes beyond putting names in a urn.
To choose in fact, is necessary to know equally all the options. However, the publicity of candidates and parties is sponsored unevenly for economic powers. This makes that some candidates are widely disseminated in mass media, both in telecommunications and in the printed media, while other candidates are not known by most.
Besides that, to really choose, it is needed to be able to interpret texts and reflect on speeches; it is needed to know minimally the history, and greographical features, economic, social and cultural of the country. Summing up, to exist democracy, it is necessary that all people be educated to research, reflect, disagree, analyse, and build their own opinion.

6 – Conclusion

I believe that Brazil is passing through a democratic euphoric state fully illusory and numbing.
Talking about democracy in Brazil, there is much more to build and consolidate than to celebrate.
It is known that Brazil has many problems to be faced, like corruption and the land distribution matter. However, I think we should start by education, that is the major obstacle for the social and economic flourishment that Brazil needs and deserves.