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Reflexions About Democracy

1- The term “democracy” must always be defined in time and space. When we say that “we live in a democracy”, what idea of democracy do we refere to? Is the Athenian democracy, where only the free man had political rights, that is in question? In the ancient Greece was discussed democracy at the same time that the farms and palaces were full of slaves. The term “democracy” in Europe during the French Revolution had a completely different meaning from the meaning given in the ancient Greece. Each society, that was named democratic, had an own concept of democracy. 2- Does it make sense a Oligarchic Estate named itself democratic”? If economic and midiatic powers are in the hands of few people, so, an oligarchy governs and remains in power foverer.
Literally, democracy means “governanment of the people”. But, you can't rule if you don't know that you govern. A society that was not educated for questioning, researching and reflection, and is manipulated by the midia's elite, can…