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Mostrando postagens de Dezembro, 2015

São Paulo-BR: Students Beat Authoritarian Government

After some weeks of fight in occupations of schools and manifestations on the streets, the students got a first great victory upon a so far unbeaten government.

The governor that has never lost an election or dispute against a social movement had to give up the reorganization of the educational system planned to 2016.

After an abrupt decrease of popularity due to the violent repression from the police against students, the judiciary power started the process of reorganization.

Sustainable Environment: Comparing Brazil and Japan

Japan is a major example of the sustainable environment. Besides that, it presents a complex economy, and Japan didn't destroy their forests.

Japan chose to import their food, minerals and other feedstocks, instead of transforming it's natural landscapes.

On the other hand, the brazilian farmers have been fighting to destroy the rivers, forests, bays in name of progress.

In five hundred years, the brazilian elite devastated the Atlantic Forest. It was one of the richest biomes in biodiversity of the the world.

Comparing Brazil and Japan, it is clear that economy developing is not a synonym of environment degradation.